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Cloud Solutions

As cloud solutions become the new norm for businesses across Australia, Boxtech has partnered with Microsoft Azure to build a state-of-the-art cloud system to provide secure, private, low-cost and localised Australian storage for sensitive data. 

Combined with a cutting-edge backup system, our cloud computing solutions run on dedicated high-speed internet connections, ensuring your data or apps are always available and responsive. Along with this, our platform is always customised to each customer’s exact requirements.

What are IT cloud solutions?

IT cloud solutions store and manage all business data on the internet (including programs running on your computer) rather than on-site in your office. 

Affordable Set-Up

Expect low initial setup costs with no need for expensive on-premises hardware, like servers and network storage.

Uninterrupted Business Flow

You can easily migrate to our cloud solutions provider outside of business hours to maintain productivity during work hours.

Data Backups 

We maintain triple layers of data backups and replicate your data interstate to protect you from any data loss in an emergency or natural disaster.


Our cloud solutions run on high-speed internet with emergency alternative connections. That way, you can rest assured your systems are always available and responsive.

Staff training 

We don’t just stop at migrating you to our cloud solutions. We will train your staff to efficiently and securely use our cloud solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business.

Customised IT Cloud Solutions

All Boxtech cloud solutions are customised to suit your business needs.

Data Security

All Boxtech cloud solutions in Australia ensure your data is kept secure and local, and fully complies with Australian regulations. Our multiple cutting-edge cybersecurity systems always maintain data safety, including a separate, private network just for your business.

The Benefits Of Boxtech As
Your Cloud Solutions Provider

Proudly Australian owned and operated, we take pride in not treating our customers as just another number.

IT Solutions

Boxtech IT support assists you with any computer hardware or software issues. We provide complete IT consultancy, implementation and support services you can count on.

Boxtech goes further than just daily IT problems. By monitoring systems and networks across the client’s organisation, we are always working in the background to ensure that computer systems are running perfectly; fixing potential problems before you, the client, even know about them. It is usual for our customers to not even be aware of IT maintenance or problems averted by our team. We believe that initiative taken by an IT provider makes for a smoothly run business.

Planning and implementation of office networks for new businesses and major upgrades to existing businesses.

Cloud solutions, including migration to fully off-site solutions.

Automatic monitoring, maintenance, data backups and live remote support systems for all computing systems and networks.

Planning and implementation of office networks for new businesses and major upgrades to existing businesses.

Emergency on-site support for critical hardware and software issues.

Preparation of documentation (procedural guides, security policies, etc.) to meet industry and accreditation standards in any field.

Services We Offer Include:

Our cloud computing solutions have many benefits, including:

Why Boxtech IT Support?

Boxtech offers first-rate IT support on time and in budget. With options for emergency support and the performance of major services outside of business hours, Boxtech understands what you need and works diligently to produce it.

The team goes above and beyond to meet the needs of clients no matter the situation.


From one doctor or private specialist clinics, to GP super-clinics and small hospitals, we have unsurpassed experience in helping the medical sector with all technology needs. We have decades of experience establishing and supporting healthcare computer systems and are adept at helping our clients get the most out of their medical software.

Boxtech has a proven record of moving practices onto cloud solutions, allowing them to work anywhere at any time.

Support for all major healthcare software packages.

Telehealth and COVID-19 requirements.

Online claiming.

E-health and NASH registration.

Electronic Fax replacement/integrations.

Online bookings and appointments.

Secure email and banking.

E-prescriptions in accordance with all regulations.

We supporty all major pathology and imaging providers across Australia.

Some Of The Advantages Of Our Clinical Management Platform And Medical Solutions:

Telehealth And E-Prescribe

We are proficient in setting up and supporting seamless Telehealth solutions which are easy to run and integrate with healthcare software and operations. Boxtech solutions are fully compliant with all Australian regulations; suitable for remote work and COVID-19 requirements.

We also regularly setup ePrescribe in accordance with all regulations.

Accreditation And Regulation Compliance

All of our work not only meets, but surpasses the requirements of relevant accreditation and regulation standards, including but not limited to: RACGP accreditation, OAIC compliancy and Australian privacy law.

We offer a free on-site consultation to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and how we can assist you going forwards.


Empower your construction company with greater flexibility to scale and streamline business processes with Boxtech’s IT solutions for the construction industry. Years of experience working with construction companies across Australia has given us a firm grasp on the industry, so you can place your trust in our customised construction cloud solutions.

Our Construction solutions include but are not limited to:

Mobile devices and computing.

Cloud computing.

Workflow between site-offices and HQ.

Remote access (with GPU acceleration for CAD etc. if required).

National and international operations.

Reliable temporary field-office networks.

Just starting out? Have a national construction or property development company? We can help with all your IT needs.

Overall, IT solutions for the construction industry are a great investment to help you achieve your target ROIs. With Boxtech, you can improve your construction business’ productivity and streamline complex processes, resulting in better project outcomes and higher customer satisfaction.

Seamless collaboration with remote access

Enjoy hassle-free collaboration through the cloud when you work on projects with multiple stakeholders and tradies, no matter where they are located. Easily access relevant data and submit reports even while you’re on site or on the go.

Flexibility and scalability

With easy access to centralised and real-time data, you have the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing demands and scale your IT resources without additional investments

Data security and backup

Eliminate concerns for unauthorised access to security-sensitive documents or losing large volumes of data. Protect your business with data encryptions, backup and recovery mechanisms with Boxtech’s managed network security services.

Streamlined management and processes

With a cloud-based IT infrastructure that streamlines your business processes, you save time and reduce expenditure on physical infrastructure expansion.

The benefits of our construction technology solution


IT solutions for the education and early childhood industries often need to be highly specific; supporting specialist software workflows and multiple sites. This is often poorly understood by IT providers causing significant problems for the organisation.

Boxtech has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting early learning and education providers. This makes us perfectly positioned to establish, maintain, or take over IT solutions for education or early childhood service organisations of all types.

Centrally, securely store and access photo libraries and centre documentation.

Coordinate separate centre sites or facilities under one management umbrella.

Provide different access hierarchies for educators, rooms, administrators and managers.

Eliminate the burden and cost of local servers and backups.

We Have Experience With All Major Management And Messaging Apps And Our Cloud Solutions Facilitate:


Boxtech provides complete IT consulting, implementation and support services Australian businesses.

Let someone from our team discuss how you want things to work so we can provide a technical solution that will enable your organisation to focus on production rather than problems. Whatever your size, we can help you expand through effective use of the latest technology, making your operations more efficient.

We ensure that all our solutions are cost-effective and create a seamless IT experience for all users. Working with businesses of all sizes we take pride in our ability to assist our clients in all phases of expansion.

Data Migrations

Transferring between patient management systems or billing software packages? In need of a database clean-up or analysis? Or do you just need advice about exporting or importing medical information? Boxtech is here to help. 

Our extensive experience with the leading software used in general practice, allied health, specialist practices, construction, education and more makes our engineers uniquely positioned to assist in database migrations of various types.

Types Of Database Migration
Services We Provide

At Boxtech, we have experience running numerous types of data migration projects, including:

Boxtech — The Experts You Need For A Smooth Cloud Migration Service

At Boxtech, we understand that businesses are concerned about the cost of migrating from one database to another on their productivity or employees needing to familiarise themselves with the new cloud migration. That’s why we complete our data migration service outside your business hours to ensure your operations run smoothly without interruptions. 

We are there every step of the way to ensure your staff is also trained to fully understand how to use our cloud system and boost their productivity. Our number one priority is ensuring that your employees feel confident with the user experience to the extent that it appears as if nothing has changed at all! 

And best of all, our Boxtech private/hybrid cloud migration will ensure your data is stored and backed up securely in Australian-based data centres with our 24/7 security.

If this sounds like the right fit for your organisation, consult our team to discuss your business goals, so we can provide you with a technical solution with the latest technology to streamline your operations. If you have any queries, reach out to our team, who would be delighted to assist. 

Cloud Migrations Of All Types.

Mail Migrations, Such As On-Premises Exchange To Microsoft 365.

Programming Custom Scripts To Move Or Manipulate Data.

Migrating From One Database To Another.

Assisting With Moving Data To Perform A Change Of Software.

Consulting Advice On Migrations And Data Imports/Exports.

Planning And Executing Multipart Migration Projects For Common Medical/Clinical Software Packages.

Hands-On Assistance And Training For A Medical Practice Moving Between Software Options.

No matter your required service, you can trust our team to help build a solution that fits your needs. 


Want Full Flexibility And Data Security?

We highly recommend that you obtain our cutting-edge cloud system today, which will undoubtedly revolutionize the way you handle and store your data.

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